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Fyne Conf 2022

Fyne Conf is back the latest installment in 2022. We are holding a half-day virtual event to discuss all topics about the Fyne toolkit, its community and the applications built around it. The event took place on 14th october 2022 with a focus on best practices in platform-agnostic app development.

This event is a chance to learn more about Fyne and how it can be used to easily build robust and performant cross platform applications. We will showcase useful techniques, best practices, new features and existing applications from around the community. Novice to expert - coder, tester or designer - there is something for everyone.


Fyne Conf 2022 was a virtual meeting. It was streamed live, the videos have all been recorded and are linked from each segment in the schedule below. There was a Q&A session for all attendees, but the content was not recorded.


Andy Williams Cedric Bail Jacob Alzén Derek Reid
andydotxyz Bluebugs jacalz itsjustdel

Schedule - Friday 14 October 2022

The schedule for our event was as follows, video links and downloads of the slides are available next to each item, if they have been released.

Start (UTC) End (UTC) Speaker Title
13:00 13:25 Andy W Welcome, State of the project, What’s new (watch, slides)
13:30 13:55 Jacob A The interfaces behind custom widgets (watch, slides)
14:00 14:25 Andy W Best practices for excellent Fyne apps (watch, slides)
14:30 14:55 Andy W & Derek R Upgrading your app with cloud sync (watch, slides: overview, demo)
15:00 15:25 Cedric B Cross compiling in the cloud with Kubernetes (watch, slides)
15:30 15:55 Andy W The Road Ahead (watch, slides)
16:00 17:00 Fyne Team Q&A with the Fyne team


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We would be happy to welcome more sponsors to this event, please get in touch!

Support or Contact

Looking to find out more? The Fyne team can be contacted in the ways described on our main website.