Fyne Conf 2019

The worlds premier Fyne conference

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Fyne Conf 2019

Fyne Conf is the world’s first conference focused on the Fyne toolkit, it’s community and the applications built around it. The event will be held on Friday 22nd November 2019. The call for contribtions is now open, as we shape the event schedule we will post more information on this page. Please come back later to find more about the event and how to get tickets.

For your apps and the future

This event will be a chance to learn more about Fyne and how it can be used to build robust and performant cross platform applications. There will also be segments on it’s design and construction and how you could contribute to future development. Novice or expert, coder or designer we will have something for everyone.


The plan is to make the event an online meeting. Live streams and chat rooms will allow anyone to attend from around the world. If there is a high level of interest we may also host a physical event or support local groups to gather and celebrate the event.

Support or Contact

Looking to find out more or get help attending? Our team can be contacted in the ways described on the main website.